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Lord Todd C. sheets
of Hougun manor

The Office of

Lord Todd C. sheets of Hougun Manor

In the United Kingdom it is legal to have foreigners purchase property rights and then have them registered in ones name.This legal loophole only allows owners like myself to legally use the title Lord or Lady of the Manor, Hence many Irish, Scottish and English landowners have offered small parcels with Title pack privileges. Most are based on Scottish/Irish landowner Lordships or historic English Lord of the Manor titles. It is understood these are not rights of peerage and can not be represented as such.  After much research I have chosen to buy my rights in the historic and beautiful and historical Hougun Manor Estates. Here is more about Hougun Manor Estates.

If you situate yourself on the highest point of Hougun Manor you can enjoy outstanding views of the lake and surrounding hills. The estate overlooks Peel Island which literary buffs might recognize as the setting for Arthur Ransome’s classic “Swallows and Amazons”. Visitors can follow clear footpaths which are part of the Great Cumbria Way. Hougun Manor Estates is very near the Old Man of Coniston-a popular spot for walkers which rises to 803 metres (2,635 ft).

Last but not least Hougun Manor is a beautiful 90 acre estate situated on the west shore of Coniston Water, Cumbria and has been classified by Natural England as an Area of outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Visitors welcome.

About Lord Todd C. Sheets

of Hougun Manor

DOMINUS HONORATUS ET CUSTOS MANERii HOUGUN “Honored by the Guardian of the Manor”

I am an award winning, retired US Department of Energy employee, retiring with 25 years of Federal Service. In 2011, I earned an award for “Exemplary and Courageous Act”, honored at the Bonneville High Voltage Lab in front of friends and family.

I’m blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart, Trudy. I grew up wanting to explore alternative building techniques. I attended public schools and college in both Washington and Oregon States. I enjoyed giving back to my home town, serving on City of Redmond Site and Design Commission, Urban Planning Commission, and being elected City Councilor. In the 90’s, I was nominated for Citizen of the Year and received a Letter of Commendation from the Governor of Oregon. I was a State of Oregon and ICC Certified Building Official, “A” Level Structural and Post Earthquake Building Inspector. My other creative interests have lead me to invent an arm puppet, Emu Blue Eyes, to which I obtained Design and Utility Patents. I invented Total Control a board-game and the Puffsnuffer, and pursued trademarks on Puffsnuffer, Total Control, Emu Blue Eyes and the Duke jewelry. For fun, I was also a 3 time semi-finalist for the CBS show Big Brother.

My Viking Heritage: In 2011, my Hematologist told me of my direct blood lineage to the vikings. I was diagnosed with chronic Hemochromatosis via the Mayo Clinic. It seems my mutant DNA confirms my Scandinavian, English, Irish and Scottish heritage. Who knows and maybe Cumbria.

Historical Note: The Vikings began raids on Britain in the eight century. The Cumbria area later underwent further settlement by successive waves of Anglo-Saxon and Viking peoples. The Lake District Vikings came from Western Norway, via Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.




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